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TitleMakerDate Made
Masonic ArmchairUnidentified1780-1800View
Masonic ApronJ. Martinca. 1800View
Masonic Pitcher, "Benjamin Emmons / Corn"Wood and Caldwell (1790-1818)1800-1819View
Masonic Apron thought to have been used by Moses Michael HaysUnidentified1780-1800View
Masonic ApronJohn Meer Sr.1800-1830View
Masonic Master Mason's Chart or Tracing BoardUnidentifiedlate 1800sView
Masonic Punch BowlUnidentified1800-1825View
Masonic Royal Arch "Holiness to the Lord" ApronA. Roberts & Company1800-1825View
Masonic Master Mason ApronMaker not marked1800-1820View
Masonic ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1800-1825View
Masonic York Rite Royal Arch Columbia Lodge No. 91 (A.Y.M.) Mark Medal for Phillip LangdonUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1800-1825View
Order to pay troops under Hamilton's command, 1799-1800.Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-18041799-1800View
Meeting minutes and reportsFreemasons. Columbian Lodge (Boston, Mass.)1798-1800View
The Death of General Washington HandkerchiefPember & Luzarder; Amos Doolittle (1754-1832)ca. 1800View
Le General WashingtonNoel le Mire (1724-1801), engraver; Jean-Baptiste le Paon (1738-1785), painter1780-1800View
George Washington Esq.David Edwin (1776-1841), engraver; John Scoles, publisher1800-1844View
George WashingtonDavid Edwin; A. Dickins1800View
General WashingtonUnidentified1800View
General WashingtonJ. Baker, engraver; W. Bent; Gilbert Stuart1800View
Georg [e] Washington Esqr. (1732-1799)Johann Christian Gottfried Fritzsch (1720-1802)1776-1800View
Genl. George Washington (1732-1799)William Hamlin; Edward Savage1800View
G[eorge]. Washington (1732-1799)Unidentified1800-1850View
His Excel. Gen. Geo. [George] WashingtonJ. G. Walker; M. Bowyer Historic Gallery; Mr. R. Wilkinson1800View
George WashingtonC[ornelius] Tiebout; Gilbert Stuart [Stewart]1800View
George Washington (1732-1799)Unidentified1800-1850View
George Washington (1732-1799)Chez Menard & Desenne1800-1880View
George Washington (1732-1799)W. Ridley; J. Sewell1800View
George WashingtonWilliam Woolleyca. 1800View
Pater PatriaeEnoch G. Gridley, engravere; after J. Coles, Jr.1800-1805View
Apotheosis of [George] WashingtonEdwin; S. Kennedy; R. Pealeca. 1800View
Landing of ColumbusEdward Savage, painter (1761-1817); David Edwin, engraver (1776-1841); Edward Savage, publisher (1761-1817)ca. 1800View
Design for George Washington Medal [Copy of a Gold medal presented to General Washington / by Congress on the Evacuation of Boston]Pierre Simon Benjamin Duvivier (1730-1819); Jean Antoine Houdon (1741-1828)1800-1824View
Masonic Apron DesignUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic PendantUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic Lord's PrayerC. R. Warrenca. 1800View
MasonryUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Mr. and Mrs. J. HullMaker not markedca. 1800View
An Exact Representation of Solomon's TempleAlexander Andersonca. 1800View
Side Chair with Masonic SymbolsUnidentified1780-1800View
Masonic Regalia ChestUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic "Memento Mori" ApronUnidentified1780-1800View
Masonic Master Mason ApronAmos Doolittle (1754-1832)ca. 1800View
Masonic York Rite Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1800-1830View
Masonic Royal Arch Jewel in CaseUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic ApronMaker not marked1780-1800View
Masonic Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic ApronUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Masonic York Rite Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Master Mason ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1800-1825View
Masonic Knights Templar RibbonUnidentified Makerlate 1800sView
Masonic York Rite Mark Master's Medal1800-1820View
Masonic York Rite Ark Mariner ApronUnidentified1800-1815View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified; Batty Langley (1696-1751), designer1800-1825View
Master Mason ApronUnidentified1800-1820View
Masonic ApronAbner Reed (1771-1866)ca. 1800View
Masonic York Rite Mark Master ApronUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Masonic Marshall's Truncheon, ClubMaker not marked1796-1800View
Masonic Marshall's TruncheonMaker not marked, Abner Reed1796-1800View
Snuffbox with Masonic SymbolsUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Masonic Scottish Rite SnuffboxUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Masonic Mark MedalMaker not markedca. 1800View
Masonic Mark MedalMaker not markedca. 1800View
Massachusetts Consistory Badge - DEACCESSIONEDUnidentified1800-1825View
Apotheosis of George Washington PitcherUnidentified1800-1810View
Masonic Demitasse CupUnidentified1800-1840View
Goblet with Masonic SymbolsUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Punch Bowl with Masonic SymbolsUnidentifiedca. 1800View
Pitcher with Masonic SymbolsT. Clarkeca. 1800View
Manchester Unity Independent Order of Odd Fellows PitcherUnidentified1800-1840View
Tall Case ClockJohn George Hoff (1733–1816) or John George Hoff (1788–1822)early 1800sView
Dwarf ClockNoah Ranletca. 1800View