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TitleMakerDate Made
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Quilt Marker (or Template or Pattern)1840-1860View
Masonic Royal Arch ApronMaker not marked1820-1840View
Masonic Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1820-1840View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows ApronMaker not marked1840-1870View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1820-1840View
Masonic Master Mason ApronMaker not marked1815-1840View
Masonic ApronUnidentified1815-1840View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Middlesex Lodge No. 3 ApronUnidentified1840-1860View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1810-1840View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1840-1860View
Masonic Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1820-1840View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows ApronUnidentified1815-1840View
Masonic Scottish Rite Rose Croix ApronUnidentified1810-1840View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows ApronUnidentified1820-1840View
Masonic Master Mason ApronUnidentified1820-1840View
Sketch of Liberty Lodge BannerUnidentified1840-1890View
Masonic Apron Royal ArchMaker not marked1819-1840View
Amand P. Pfister papersPfister, Amand P., 1802-18571827; 1840 - 1852View
Letter from A. B. Dawson to Amand P. PfisterDawson, Armistead B.1840-10-26View
John takes his first degreeMaker unknown1820-1840View
Needlework Sampler with King Solomon's TempleMary Sandiford1840View
Bust of a ManMaker not marked1840-60View
G [George] WashingtonA. B. Walter; Gilbert Stuart1840-1875View
[George] Washington (1732-1799)Carl Mayer (1798-1868)1840-1868View
The PresidentsMaker not marked1840-1860View
[George] Washington (1732-1799)Ballin; Dufour Mulat et Boulangerca. 1840View
[George] Washington at Trenton, New Jersey, January 2nd 1777Alfred Daggett (1799-1872); Colonel Trumbull1840-1880View
George Washington (1732-1799)A. B. Walter; John Dainty; Gilbert Stuart1840-1875View
The Hero who Defended the Mothers will Protect the DaughtersJohn Ludlow Mortonca. 1840View
Washington's Reception on the Bridge at Trenton in 1789 on his Way to the Inaugurated Capital 1st Prest. of the U.S.John Ludlow Morton, designer (1792-1871); Thomas Kelley, engraver (ca. 1795-ca. 1841)ca. 1840View
Man with white cravatMaker not markedca. 1840View
Sarah Ann WhippenMaker not markedca. 1840View
Woman with lace collarMaker not marked1840-1860View
George WashingtonNathaniel Currier; Gilbert Stuartca. 1840View
Young WomanMaker not marked1840-60View
George WashingtonCurrier and Ives1840-1899View
Woman holding bookMaker not marked1840-1860View
Lucretia SpragueMaker not marked1840-1860View
Harriet A. BurtMaker not marked1840-1860View
Man in suitMaker not marked1840-60View
Harvey SpragueMaker not marked1840-1880View
Gad Hitchcock with Masonic and Independent Order of Odd Fellow SymbolsMaker not marked1840-1850View
Man in Masonic Sash and ApronMaker not marked1840-1860View
Men in Masonic York Rite Knights Templar UniformsMaker not marked1840-1860View
Masonic Emblematic ChartMaker not marked1840-50View
Man in Grand United Order of Odd Fellows RegaliaMaker not marked1840-60View
Man in Fraternal CollarMaker not marked1840-1860View
Man in Fraternal RegaliaMaker not marked1840-1860View
Frame with Masonic SymbolsMaker not marked1801-1840View
Portrait of a ManMaker not marked1840-1860View
Man in Masonic York Rite Knights Templar Chaplain UniformMaker not marked1840-1860View
Masonic Senior WardenMaker not marked1840-60View
Masonic Scottish Rite Symbol, Universi Terrarum Orbis Architectonis Gloria IngentisMaker not markedca. 1840View
Girl holding Masonic BookUnidentified1840-1860View
Walter S. SpragueMaker not marked1840-1860View
Coverlet with Masonic SymbolsA. Haight1840View
Four Side Chairs with Masonic SymbolsMaker not marked1840-1890View
Masonic Master Mason ApronMaker not marked1820-1840View
Masonic Master Mason ApronMaker not marked1840-1860View
Masonic Scottish Rite Rose Croix ApronMaker not marked1830-1840View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows ScytheMaker not marked1840-1860View
Masonic Master Mason ApronMaker not marked1820-1840View
George Washington PitcherBennington Pottery1840-1860View
Masonic PitcherMaker not researched1790-1840View
Masonic Demitasse CupMaker not marked1800-1840View
Pie Safe with Masonic SymbolsMaker not marked1840-1900View
Manchester Unity Independent Order of Odd Fellows PitcherUnidentified1800-1840View
Bracket ClockMaker not marked1840-1860View
Boston MassacreMaker not marked1800-1840View