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TitleMakerDate Made
Old North Church- Boston.T.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
The Law Library, Cambridge, Mass.Unidentified1850-1920View
Female Laborers in FactoryExcelsior Stereoscopic Tours1850-1920View
Morning PrayersUnidentified1850-1920View
Music Stand, Central Park, N.Y.Unidentified1850-1920View
Marching Band in Front of ChurchUnidentified1850-1920View
Views of Boston, Mass., & Vicinity: View from the top of the State House, looking east.J.W. & J.S. Moulton1850-1920View
A Merry Bunch, Atlantic CityThe World Wide View Company1850-1920View
Outdoor Life and Sport in Central Park, N.Y.Unidentified1850-1920View
United States CapitolUnidentified1850-1920View
Dancing Couple at PartyB. K. Editeur1850-1920View
East River BridgeUnidentified1850-1920View
Views of Japan: A Rosary Shop, Osaka, Japan.Sears, Roebuck & Co.1850-1920View
Lower Broadway, New York.T.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
In Independence Hall, Philadelphia.Unidentified1850-1920View
Caught in the ActUnidentified1850-1920View
Crossing the BrookUnidentified1850-1920View
Woman in bedroomUnidentified1850-1920View
Luna Island Scenery, winter, Niagara Falls, N. Y.Charles A. Zimmerman1850-1920View
Course a la CocotteUnidentified1850-1920View
Palais RoyalUnidentified1850-1920View
How very great the very small are.H.C. White Co1850-1920View
Coney Island SportsUnidentified1850-1920View
Whirlpool and Rapids.Charles Bierstadt1850-1920View
Niagara Falls, from Point ViewJohn P. Soule1850-1920View
Robert le Diable 2me Acte Scene VIUnidentified1850-1920View
Minnie PalmerAmerican Views1850-1920View
Clara ClarkUnidentified1850-1920View
Robert le diable 3me Acte Scene VIIUnidentified1850-1920View
Scene from FaustMaker not marked1850-1920View
Niagara- Bridge to Goat IslandAmerican Views; John P. Soule1850-1920View
The Poet's Dream- WellesleyT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Where Our First President Lived and Died. Mount Vernon, Va.Unidentified1850-1920View
The Jolly BathersT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Grinding his AxesUnidentified1850-1920View
Just Home from the ClubT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Mr. Jones, Removed Your HatT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Why Don't Dese Dudes Ride Chainless Bikes?T.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
How Biddy Stopped the Rent.T.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Taking a Broad Smile.T.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Oh, What a Difference in the MorningT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Better than NothingT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
The Keyhole Must Be Full.T.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Winter Sports on Ice Mountain, NiagaraT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Statute [sic] of Liberty, New YorkT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
L'Africaine 5me Acte Scene IUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 2me Acte Scene IVUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 3me Acte Scene IUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 4me Acte Scene IUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 3me Acte Scene VIMaker not marked1850-1920View
L'Africaine 4me Acte Scene IVUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 4me Acte Scene IVUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 4me Acte Scene VIUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 1er Acte Scene IIUnidentified1850-1920View
L'Africaine 2me Acte Scene IIUnidentified1850-1920View
1505 Black Crook SeriesUnidentified1850-1920View
1542 Black Crook SeriesUnidentified1850-1920View
UntitledStereoscopic View Co.1850-1920View
House of ParliamentValentine Blanchard (1831-1901)1850-1920View
Kew Gardens, Palm HouseThe Fine-Art Photo Co.1850-1920View
The Colosseum, Regent's ParkValentine Blanchard (1831-1901)1850-1920View
Black Crook SeriesC. W. Woodward1850-1920View
"Old State House" BostonT.W. Ingersoll1850-1920View
Old Boston Museum, Tremont RowEdward L. Allen1850-1920View
Water lilies and Another Kind of FlowersUnidentified1850-1920View
Tree-lined path in MassachusettsG. K. Proctor1850-1920View
Lady Diver, Coney IslandAlfred S. Campbell1850-1920View
Washington MonumentUnidentified1850-1920View
Panorama of New York and Brooklyn BridgeKeystone View Co.1850-1920View
Masonic Temple, Boston Mass.European & American Views1850-1920View
The Newly Decorated Blue Room in the White House, Washington D.C.Unidentified1850-1920View
Artists Decorating Porcelain WareKeystone View Co.1850-1920View
The First Pair of French HeelsUnidentified1850-1920View
Shakespeare's StatueE. & H. T. Anthony & Co.1850-1920View
Groudle GlenThe S.P. Series Stereoscopic Gems1850-1920View
Nave of Hereford CathedralUnidentified1850-1920View
Grave of Little Jane, Brading, Isle of Wight.Unidentified1850-1920View
Le Casino, DieppeE. Neurdein1850-1920View
Lowestoft Church, EnglandUnidentified1850-1920View
Water Fowl at HomeUnderwood & Underwood Publishers1850-1920View
Canterbury Catherdral: The Choir- Looking EastUnidentified1850-1920View
Interior, Indepedence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.Unidentified1850-1920View
Broadway. Inst.Unidentified1850-1920View
Les Theatres de Paris: L'Africaine Opera de Meyerbeer, 12 Scenes Vues au StereoscopeUnidentified1850-1920View
Masonic Lodge Room with AltarC. H. Dunbar Co.1850-1920View
Man in Masonic RegaliaOllivier1850-1920View
Toy StoveMaker not marked1850-1920View
Doll QuiltMaker not marked1850-1920View