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TitleMakerDate Made
Unidentified Man in Fraternal CollarI.R. Martin1870-1930View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows ApronUnidentified1840-1870View
Unidentified Masonic Knights Templar MemberM.C. Harriman1870-1920View
Unidentified Masonic Knights Templar MemberLindner & Krumbholz1870-1920View
Independent Order of Odd Fellows ApronUnidentified1845-1870View
Masonic Knights Templar ApronAmes Manufacturing Co.1870-1920View
Masonic Knights Templar ApronUnidentified1870-1900View
Masonic Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1850-1870View
Masonic Royal Arch ApronUnidentified1870-1900View
Masonic Trust In God Needlework PictureUnidentified1870-1900View
Masonic Scottish Rite 21st Degree ApronUnidentified1870-1900View
Masonic Scottish Rite 15th Degree ApronUnidentified1870-1900View
Skowhegan, Maine, Odd Fellows recordsIndependent Order of Odd Fellows. Maine.1870-1973View
Unidentified Child Seated on LapUnidentified1850-1870View
The Home of WashingtonThomas Oldham Barlow; Henry T. Williams; T. P. Rossiter; L. R. Mignotca. 1870View
Elizabeth Seaver (Mrs. Ebenezer)Unidentified1850-1870View
[George] Washington (1732-1799)Henry Moses; Antonio Canova; Septimus Prowett1821-1870View
Sally Cloutman WhippenUnidentified1850-1870View
Unidentified Man in Uniform with Two Shooting MedalsSpamer & Spier1870-1900View
Unidentified Bearded ManUnidentified1860-1870View
Skeleton Leaves with Wreath and RibbonLovejoy & Foster1870-1920View
Skeleton LeavesLovejoy & Foster1870-1920View
Skeleton Leaves with Lyre and ShellsLovejoy & Foster1870-1920View
George Washington (1732-1799)John C. McRae1845-1870View
Three O'Clock in the MorningUnidentified1870-1920View
General Winfield S. Hancock (1824-1886)Matthew Brady; E. & H. T. Anthony1860-1870View
The Full Moon, Yerkes ObservatoryKeystone View Company1870-1920View
Unidentified BridgeKeystone View Company1870-1920View
Unidentified Harbor SceneKeystone View Company1870-1920View
Unidentified ObeliskKeystone View Company1870-1920View
United States Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.Unidentified1870-1920View
Aerial View of Unidentified City [possibly Boston, MA]Unidentified1870-1920View
Aerial View of Unidentified City [possibly Boston, MA]Unidentified1870-1920View
Snow-Covered Trees on Luna IslandGeorge Barker1870-1920View
Two Snake IndiansSavage & Ottinger's Pioneer Fine Art Gallery1870-1920View
Church Buttes, WyomingSavage & Ottinger's Pioneer Fine Art Gallery1870-1920View
Witches' Rocks, Near ViewSavage & Ottinger's Pioneer Fine Art Gallery1870-1920View
Devil's Gate, Weber CanonC.R. Savage1870-1920View
Split Rocks - Green RiverC.R. Savage1870-1920View
View in Palisades, Humboldt RiverC.R. Savage1870-1920View
Devil's Slide - InteriorC.R. Savage1870-1920View
Unidentified Indian [Native American] MenC.R. Savage1870-1920View
Grand Union Hotel, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.Baker & Record1870-1880View
Champion SpringBaker & Record1870-1880View
The Young ArtistUnion View Co.1870-1920View
Unidentifed Man Being Knighted by a QueenUnion View Co.1870-1920View
Young MotherUnion View Co.1870-1920View
Bridal Veil Fall, Yo Semite Valley CaliforniaReilly & Ormsby1870-1883View
The Love StoryUnion View Co.1870-1920View
Hermits Cascade - WinterGeorge E. Curtis1870-1920View
American Fall from BelowGeorge E. Curtis1870-1920View
Niagara Falls from New Suspension Bridge - MoonlightGeorge E. Curtis1870-1920View
Niagara, the Horse Shoe Fall, from Goat IslandJohn P. Soule1870-1920View
Horse Shoe Fall, from Below Table RockJohn P. Soule1870-1920View
CoralJohn P. Soule1870-1920View
Niagara in WinterE. & H. T. Anthony & Co.1870-1920View
Two Unidentified Women in an Unidentified ParkUnidentified1870-1920View
Independence HallCremer & Co.1870-1920View
Frosty MorningKilburn Brothers1870-1920View
For Heaven Sake Maria Give us a RestWebster & Albee1870-1920View
Seeing the Circus Go ByWebster & Albee1870-1920View
White House, North Front.Kilburn Brothers1870-1920View
Treasury DepartmentBell & Bro.1870-1920View
Penna. Avenue and U.S. CapitolBell & Bro.1870-1920View
Dream of HopeUnidentified1870-1920View
The Devil's Hole - NiagaraGeorge Barker1870-1920View
Niagara in WinterSidney Barnett1870-1920View
Bible LessonsUnidentified1870-1920View
Congress Spring, Saratoga, N.Y.W.H. Sipperly1870-1920View
The Old Woman Who Lived In A ShoeR.J. Chute1870-1920View
Unidentified Man in LandscapeHurd & Smith1870-1920View
Pineapple Plant with FruitCase & Lott1870-1920View
The Dead LambUnidentified1870-1920View
Unidentified Ice LandscapeUnidentified1870-1920View
Water-Fall, Tacony CreekUnidentified1870-1920View
My Friend Jack and IUnidentified1870-1920View
Knuckle DownUnidentified1870-1920View
The Windy DayUnidentified1870-1920View
Unidentified Sculpture of Male & Female FiguresUnidentified1870-1920View
Unidentified Waterfall in WinterUnidentified1870-1920View
Rapids Above the Falls, AmericaUnidentified1870-1920View
Alexandria Bay and 1000 Island ParkA.C. McIntyre1870-1920View
Cold Spring, AlhambraJ. Robert Moore1870-1920View
Trenton Falls HotelJ. Robert Moore1870-1920View
Horseshoe Fall from CanadaGeorge Barker1870-1920View
American Fall from Hogs-Back - NiagaraGeorge Barker1870-1920View
Looking up from Portal CascadeG.F. Gates1870-1920View
Eagle Fall from BelowG.F. Gates1870-1920View
Central Gorge and Jacob's LadderG.F. Gates1870-1920View

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